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Fun Guy Lyrics

By 44 Bird

[Intro: Peter Griffin]
You’re not making this easy, Kyle

[Verse 1]
Bitches wish the worst, I’m flexing on you nerds
C’s all on her purse I’m speaking all my words
Shootin’ at you birds, running that won’t work
You hating tryna curse, but I am to pure
No Lil Uzi Vert, I shoot you then I skrt
B-I-R-D, I’m smoking on my trees
Please pray for me, I’m chosen I can see
I ball like Zach Lavine, dunking on you fiends
I’m smoking on my cig, cause I can never quit
And if you hating on day one then you just a prick
BB on my waist, but I stay the same
I would never change this rap shit is my game
It will just be the start when I get my fame
Don’t start shit with me, boy stay in your lane
If you do you’ll get this heavy metal to your brain

Bow, bow, bow!

[Verse 2]
How you so evil but don’t got no money
I’ll pop you in a second if you start acting funny
I’ll pop you in a second if you hittin’ on my shorty
You wanna get a taste, eat this bullet from my forty (BOW!)
Start actin’ sus in 4k im recording
I’ll have you runnin’ to the other side, call me Michael Jordan


[Verse 3]
You the type to call the cops and kicked out the party
You the type to throw up from a shot of Bacardi
I know I’m ready for this life and what is coming for me
Everything I do official, you still watch Rick and Morty
Should of known you a snitch, all the news reporting
And you get hard when you looking at my shorty
Bitch this ain’t Nerf, I got two in the barrel
I go hard in the paint, call me Montrezl Harrell
I’m talkin’ my shit, it sound like a carol
If you talkin’ shit I’ll roll you like a barrel
Message from God, it came in the mail
He said Imma make it get the opps off my tail
Sendin’ all they pussy ass straight down to hell
I’m just tryna make it and make my records sell
Will it ever happen well only time can tell
Give my life to Jesus no more sellin’ all those pills
Either fuckin’ way bitch you know I’m gettin’ bills
Blowing clouds of bars but that shit give you chills
What will I do with my first mill’
Giving it to God and a house on the hill

It’s okay shorty’ll live with daddy in a lil
I know you’ll always know that I’m the most trill (uh)
Just chill

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