44 Bird & Kalon Mac – LAKERS


44 Bird
44 Bird


By 44 Bird

[Intro: Kalon Mac]
Aye, aye come back tonight
Aye come back tonight
Yeah one more time baby come back tonight
Aye, aye come back tonight
Baby come and ride with me
Baby come and ride with me
Baby come and ride with me
Baby come and ride with me

[Verse 1: Kalon Mac]
With me shawty it’s a win
Twenty-inch rims big body Benz
See the city through my lens see the scene
When I touchdown hit it IG
Hit it as if you the main hoe
Treat me like a pistol let it bang hoe
Busy working on this fucking grind
One day you gon’ see mе rise and shine right through the lights
Baby through thе lights
I’ve been on the way I see them fucking signs
Yeah on the 105, 2 A.M. drives
Aye back home pay your flight way back up to Chi
But i heard, that J. Cole said, I can’t save ya
And I don’t know if, I could take ya
And I might go, and shit I might pay for
Round trip back to Cali all expenses paid for
Next week give that sweet love to me Anita Baker
Anchor holding you cut the ties tell him see ya later
Better off with a player
I’ma be here at the Staples Center goin’ seein’ the lakers
And we getting front row seats see the scene

[Verse 2: 44 Bird]
Feel like Prince bitch when I’m having purple sex
Feel like Future when I pop another Percocet
In the pussy but I’m finna nut up in a sec
Ballin’ out every night put that on the set
If you fuckin’ with my verse pay a fee
Feel like Kobe I just hit another three
Bitch I’m still on my grind with no sleep
Used to listening to Drake you a sheep
Told her baby throw it back she a freak
I be studying that ass like a geek
I’m still getting real smoke with no degree
Heart cold like it’s forty-four degrees
Lost my chain in L.A. in the street
Lost my heart to that bitch in O.C
Baby come back to me, B-I-R-D
Every time you try to leave Imma get you back
I know you love it when I sing while I’m on the track
When that shit gets real I pay that guy you watch my back (yeah)

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