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44 Bird
44 Bird

Soul Silver Lyrics

By 44 Bird

[Intro: Allen Iverson]
We talkin’ about practice
Not a game
Not, not, not the game that I go out there and die for, and play every game like it’s my last
Not the game!
We talkin’ about practice, man
I mean how silly is that, we talkin’ about practice

[Verse 1]
We had our thing but she went too crazy
I pass to cousin like Carter McGrady
Ain’t no complaining I wake up I’m praying, then go and get faded
Order the biscuits and gravy ’cause I get the check on the daily
No Allah no mama I wouldn’t of made it
But I got no patience, I need her right now before it’s too late and
Time just keeps on flying I’m feeling sedated
Stop asking why I’m not kicking it lately
Everyone’s parents bought them a Mercedes
But my dad was with Escobar in the 80s
A lotta bullshit but it will not break me
I’m so tired like every day but I am still ballin’ no NBA
Jumpman off of the stage, I’m flexing the minimum wage

[Verse 2]
White Sox on my cap, Iverson on my back
In the 80s Cadillac, I wish that she’d text me back
But either way I’m so relaxed
Baby girl watch my back
I want you girl ’cause I relate
I know you need your time and space
But baby you should come my way
I love it when we conversate
The way you move make me feel so great
The type of love that’ll eat the hate
And I pray to God you feel the same

But you probably don’t

[Verse 3]
These dudes is some heathens, blunt in my mouth I’m slashing a demon
Remember the days where we was all geekin’, your girl gon’ get to the freakin’
But I cannot see it
Like I just want more real conversations
Gettin the cookies like Payton
Never gon’ sign to Satan
I got no time for the playing
Got a few hits in the making
Waiting for someone to say it
That Lil Bird is the greatest
Added to all of my playlists
Tour across the nation
Think I might need a vacation
Touchdown Baltimore Ravens
And if you hating then it’s okay bitch
One day you’ll see that we made it
Hibachi we copping the steak lit

[Verse 4]
You didn’t want smoke too bad
I just sparked this spliff with Brad
Old friends gone ’cause I go too fast
Way too hot so I got this rash
No regrets left them in the past
Wake up 2 A.M. get cash
Building something that might last
Even though this shit’s a drag
No Bandicoot now I can’t Crash

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