44 Bird – YUCK!


44 Bird
44 Bird

YUCK! Lyrics

By 44 Bird

T- Choppa : Bitch finna fuck for a buck she get hit with a stick like a mutha fuckin puck hopped out the whip and that bitch like yuck cuz i smoked on the moonrock before i even pulled up. Chop br br br br puff puff pass move that ass like grass i be with them blues like a nigga play jazz and the coupe going fast cuz the jakes on my ass break a bitch back then i pay for the cast ouu hot on the block and im hot in the booth imma pop on yo block and not leave a clue if you not with them knots then im not in the mood wait lemme hit my juul
44 bird Brr so cold all this ice up on my neck. My bitch give me dome finna nut up in a sec. NCC in a forеign sippin tec
RU 4 Life and we running up thе check. It’s me and reptar and we comin for your set
Ak strapped on my back and imma let
Smoking hella woods bitch im fly like a jet
Scars on back looking like a fucking threat
Imma piece of shit so ill smoke a cigarette
I prefer the chop and you know that pussy wet

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