Da Maximum Mp3 Lyrics by Giggs

Da Maximum Mp3 Lyrics

Da Maximum Giggs
Da Maximum

Da Maximum Lyrics

(Cage got that cold)
Hot, hot[Verse]
I got my gun on me, I’m with the killys
I got my gang on the hunt for the spinach
You set it up and I’ve come the finish
Man’ll run up on you, I’m in your city (Sheesh)
Dolce & Gabbana, my jumpers are fitted
She came and sat on my lap and I hit it
I make the savages jump on the critic
Told ’em I would, said I couldn’t, I did it(Sheesh)
Told her to pull, she came ’bout 11
My bitch is rich and she came with a present
She’s in the place in array with my presence
Shooter beside me, he stay with the Desert (Ha)
That bitch a bird, I’ma play with her feathers
I get it major, I’m straight independent
Still in the party, it’s May 18th
My birthday started on May the 11th
My mandem’ll fix, I came with the carpenter
Lead in the ting and I came with the sharpener
Hit with the bottle the side of his head
Everything shattered and she got some glass in her (Haha)
Money gets made and they droppin’ me cheques
Thinking ’bout what they gon’ offer me next
Okay, you caught me, you probably guessed
I’m on the hunt for the opposite sex (Switchin’)
Yeah, she likes this Burberry, my fragrance wavy (Yeah)
Take my card but don’t go crazy, yeah (Ooh)
She’s my favourite, that pussy pastry (Hot, hot, hot, hot)
But she’s fuckin’ rude, she so feisty
Corn in the ting and they call me erratic
Hollow’s a fox and I cornered a rabbit
He got a sawn off, it’s normal he had it
Run out of wishes, I call him Aladdin (Sheesh)
How’d he get shot, fam? You told me you had him
Nobody noticed ’em, creep up and bang him
Niggas ain’t slippin’, we go for the addy
We get it crackin’, I openly carry (Carry)
Niggas roll up on that energy (Yeah)
I got fifty men with me, maybe seventy (Yeah)
Pussy niggas gettin’ edited (Yeah)
She want me to fuck her (Yeah)
She gon’ tell a nigga anything (Anything)
She just on a whole pretendin’ thing (Yeah)
I just look and nod to everything (Hahaha)

Island hoppin’ with a baddie, she’s lookin’ at me
These are just minimum spends
I flew her into the country, her and her bredrin
And we had dinner with friends
‘Bout to have ’em under pressure, they know I’m comin’
Bringin’ that ten out of ten
You can take it how you want it, written in stone
Or scribbled in pen

I’m handsome, she won’t hold me ransom (Ransom)
I’m out with Buck, Kaluuya and you all know Damson (Ooh)
Champions, yeah, certy, sanctioned (Sanctioned)
I’m with real, real gangstas
And man leaves ’em anxious

I’m just relaxin’ and
Droppin’ off packages (Packages)
Got couple passengers (Passengers)
Lookin’ for happiness
I can’t imagine (Nah)
Ain’t movin’ back again
How do you get there? (Get there)
How does it feel? (Feel)
How does it happen then?
I got my kids
I’m gonna fly
I’ll give the maximum (Maximum)

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