KILLDAVYN – DR. UMAR [Mp3 + Lyrics]

DR. UMAR [Mp3 + Lyrics]

KILLDAVYN - DR. UMAR [Mp3 + Lyrics]
KILLDAVYN – DR. UMAR [Mp3 + Lyrics]

KILLDAVYN DR. UMAR Mp3 Download 320kpbs

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DR. UMAR Lyrics

[Intro: Dr. Umar]
As one brother the other day said “Dr. Umar, brother, I love you, I follow you brother… I married a white girl 10 years ago brother.” Well brother, until you unmarry her, it’s best you stay over there brother

[Verse 1: KILLDAVYN]
Ye, uh, ye
I gotta Glock with a beam
Shoot you in the leg make yo whole body lean
All of these bitches, they all on my team
I gotta Glock and that Glock got a beam
Ye, shoot at yo body
I know yo thotty, yo thotty a hottie
That do not matter she all on my body
I got the eye just like illuminate
Ye, that bitch she crazy
Imma pull up, I ride off in Mercedes
You know that lil bitch she callin’ me baby
I do not want her that white hoe is crazy

[Refrain: KILLDAVYN]
Ye, (huh), Ye, (okay), Ye, (YE), Ye

[Verse 2: KILLDAVYN]
Pulled up, with a tech
Aim that shit, at yo neck
Peek-a-boo, now you dead
I’m gon’ shoot, at yo head
Ye, uh, crosses all over yo body like Jesus
I’m with Selena, Ramona and Beezus
You better move back like hairline receding
I might pull up with a tech tho
I might pull up, I shoot you in the neck tho
I’m gonna fuck on that bitch from the get go
She suck my dick and I told her to let go, uh
Wait, I gotta go
I fuck yo bitch ’cause that bitch is a hoe
You know I’m countin’ my money, my dough
I fuck dat bih and dat bih gotta go
Balenci’ balenci’ just like I am Uzi, uh wait
Grab me an Uzi, wait uh
Grab on her booty, huh wait
Touch on her coochie, uh wait
I’m rockin’ Louis, huh wait, this is a Skecher, huh
I might pull up I put you on a stretcher
Imma shoot you, leave yo face on a sweatshirt

[Verse 3: NOPAPR]
.223 that should hit you in the brain
Ice on these bird niggas like Gucci Mane
??? gon’ me mess up my chain
The gas got a odor it might make you faint
Shoutout my promoter, he making me bigger
The King of the Hill so they calling me Hank

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