Lyrics: 11Eleven Sound – Second Chance

Second Chance Lyrics

11Eleven Sound
11Eleven Sound

Second Chance Lyrics

By 11Eleven Sound

11Eleven Sound killed this one

Verse 1 (Luke Woods)
I been that Rick James cold blooded
Kick game for no budget
To get the same effect you’d have to sniff the Cain 4 summers

The road runner the flows summon the god so sudden when I float into the room there is no discussion
I been that, lone gunman
I do it on my own terms
Try to roam with me you end up seeing catacombs first
I soul search, sometimes the dough works but that’s a monetary moment need growth not gold urns
I hope that it’s no burden to me
They’re so bold I got approached to go sell verve for their schemes
I’m swerving deceased and I tell em cease and desist
I’m staying away staying alive till these cease to exist
Should I worry about fixing it all now, or making it to tomorrow?
Don’t get ahead of yourself
I bet on myself, and better myself
It’s funny I used to wish I wasn’t ever myself
But you know
I only say what I feel I hope you feel it too
I only talk what is real I hope it’s real to you
I only speak on what I love and everything that I am what’s it say if none of me can appeal to you?
What’s it say if none of me can appeal to you?
What’s it say if none of me can appeal to you?

Verse 2 (Luke Woods)
I wish I could connect with people that I lost touch with
Wish I could respect some people that I can’t fuck with
Wish I could neglect the fact that some people need the harsh truth but I never get a chance to be blunt with
I stuck with the path that I choose
Rewarded myself meanwhile chastised foes
Still looking for the plaques I’m owed
I did insomniac backpack raps and past my last hopes
Im tapped in for sure the premium young bohemian
If I’m not above average youre ghosted I’ll be the medium
I swear you ain’t seeing em, I been through it all
Been thrown a lot of curveballs I bend through em all
I went through the falls, came up unscathed I must say
I’m ready to have it all but know I should never rush fate
Half a line is 1 gauge I shall never do anything unless you ready to shoot and aim
I supersain who pretains to the way I choose a grave
I bury two now if that’s what it takes to remain
So what you want it for

At the end of the day you gonna know who want it more
The Difference

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