Lyrics: BIG30 – Allegations

Allegations Lyrics


Allegations Lyrics

By BIG30

[Intro: BIG30]
Fuck (TP, baby)

[Verse 1: BIG30]
Man, this shit here crazy, stupid bitches say we killed my nigga
Say they caught him slippin’, in south Memphis I was somewhere sickin’
Know how we get down and how we kick it, facts, you know the business
Had some ups and downs and upped some guns this shit got kind of wicked
Now I’m out in traffic by myself, I don’t know who to trust
This Glock got my back, Draco with me, clutchin’ on every truck
I’ma keep on smashin’, keep your name alive and post you up
Bitches wanna fuck ’cause I’m above, my feelings in my nuts
Swervin’ through the city in this Scat, I got ’bout fifty on me
Opps tryna sic bitches on me, carbine, it got ’bout sixty on it
Ever since I lost Tadoe, been creepin’ with the kitchen, homie
Cold-hearted, Crippin’, like I’m Gunna, bitch, I’m drippin’ on ’em
Trappin’ out a vacant with no neighbors, tryna get it in
.357 came with eight shots, I’m tryna let off ten
The plug say he gon’ stop sending the bows, we keep stressin’ his friend
Well, little do he know, his ass next, soon as we meet again
Jason hit my phone, like, “They just booked me for ’bout twenty racks”
Chop that shit in half & send off a ten, he send me twenty back
The streets say we got ether, keep on droppin’, this shit here like crack
And we the ones who started slimin’ out with choppas in the Scat (Blrrrd)
I know what it feel like, take this, make sure this pill right
Three to the chest, one to the neck, I bet that boy don’t heal right
I keep poppin’ all these pills ’cause I like what it feel like
And don’t think that I’m slippin’, try your luck, you gon’ get killed twice

[Verse 2: Pooh Shiesty]
Uh-oh, here come Mr. Shiesty, I’m who they can’t wait to see
Active in them streets, when shit go down, they quick to say it’s me
Waitin’ on my response, but all I got to say is, “Keep it G”
Ain’t so sense in speakin’ on the dead but may he rest in peace
Can’t change what they feel like, grab the Drac’, I don’t feel right
Customizin’ Glocks like Call of Duty, what your kills like?
Niggas havin’ secret smoke they don’t want to bring to the light
Ain’t putting them people in the biz, but we chopped it the same night
Can’t compare us to them singin’ niggas, we the drill type
Been put down they basketball to go see what the field like
If I ever took from you before, I could’ve did it twice
Creepin’ through the night, I’m not a thief, but I’ll steal your life (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)

You heard that sound? That mean that came from us
Fuck this rappin’ shit, I’m quick as fuck to go get suited up
It’s only two niggas that played with us, but then they knew what’s up
Every time we found out where they be, we came through shootin’ it up, on God (Blrrrd)
And all you other niggas hoes, strapped with the shell catchers, .38, and snub nose
I’m high speedin’ from helicopters, police tried to block the road
If I pull over today, you might not see me ’til I’m old

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