Lyrics: Christine Lavin – What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking? Lyrics

 Christine Lavin
Christine Lavin

What Was I Thinking? Lyrics

By Christine Lavin

[Spoken intro]
This is a brand new song, I’ve never performed it, this next one, so I don’t know, it could be terrible, I’m not sure
But I’m just gonna try it out, OK? Here we go
[Verse 1]
It was a last-minute invitation
I did not have a thing to wear
I ran into the store, I said
“I need something black, something formal
Other than that, I don’t care”
I made it to the theater as the lights dimmed
The first act was brilliantly fun
When I caught my reflection during intermission
I thought, “What have I done?”
What was I thinking?
What was I blind?
When I bought this outfit
I must have been out of my mind
What was I thinking?
Look at this dress
I’m taking up drinking
My life is a mess
[Verse 2]
My good friend said “I know you’re going to love him
I’ve known him for a long, long time
And if I wasn’t happily married myself
In a heartbeat I would try to make him mine”
So I figure, I’ll take my chances
I mean really, what harm could it do?
Makes you wonder about your good friends and their motivations
When something like this happens to you
What was she thinking?
Who is this guy?
Maybe I will choke on this pork chop
And conveniently die
What was I thinking – I mean what was she thinking?
Quick, sharpen this knife
I’m taking up drinking
And I’m thinking of ending my life
Ach du lieber
Que lastima!
I just threw that in to try to make it like a world music song ’cause I hear that’s gonna be the next big thing to take over the pop charts and I wanna be part of it
[Verse 3]
Oh it was late, I had insomnia
The TV stair stepper started to look good
I thought to myself, “Should I buy it?”
I heard Bruce Jenner’s voice say “Yes, you should”
And that snackmaster and that bald-headed man spray
And that Victoria Jackson makeup kit
Now I can barely get around my apartment
It’s so full of all this stupid stuff
What was I thinking?
Look at this junk!
I can’t blame this on drinking
I have never- hardly- I
Right now I’m not drunk!
What was I thinking?
When will this end?
What was I thinking?
When will this end?
What was I thinking?
This song has no end
What was I thinking?
OK, that’s the end

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