Lyrics: DJ Re:Code – Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf
Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf Lyrics

By DJ Re:Cod

[Intro: Cassette Man]
Connection terminated. I’m sorry to interrupt you Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name. But I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed

[Verse 1: ilysm, Cassette Man]
Ay, I might fuck [?] like two ways
Matter fact, my boys if I’m down for a three-way
[?] here look like Roxy, bitch I’m there in no time
Matter fact, you put that on me [?]
Smoking on some mid, boy, I’m smoking on some evergreen
I’m smoking on some shit [?] cannot finish anything
God, yeah ily on that shit again
I only hit for money, you must not buy me no wedding rings
Pulling up [?]
[?] he sippin
[?] send my ass up to heaven
I’m runnin, runnin, runnin, ain’t got no time to pose
I got a [?] put them balls in yo jaws
[?] Scraptrap, [?] Roxanne
We go stepping with somе sticks like this is where your story еnds

[Verse 2: ?, ilysm]
Roxanne, Roxanne
Fuck me in the office til I’m real tight
Got a big crush on a wolf with a big bite
Chomp down on a springlock, got me real tight
Catch me in her whip, got a dyke with a racecar
She like me ’cause I’m a fucking popstar
Braindead girl with the hots for a metal bitch
Come and get your bunny babe, catch me in [?] (uh, uh) (yuh)
Yeah, [?], I don’t even care
Let that robot come and fuck me anywhere
I’m not even scared, seriously I swear
Suck that Roxy dick but I did it on a dare
Yeah, cock on my face like I’m cheesin (I’m seasoned)
I’ll be Chuck-E-Cheese for no reason [Heavy breathing]
Goin down for it on my knees and [Slurp] (Huh?)
I’m lusting for these furries every season

[Verse 3: dynastic]
[?] my insides like it’s 1984
[?] your whore
[?], grind me to dust
Ashes to ashes, you’re going to burn with the rest of us
Fuck me in the Vanny suit, [?]
Don’t need no eyes to see that I’m a fucking fruit
Say you’re not a furry but you want me (isn’t that ironic)
[?], just like a Five Guys
([?] want to show you a good time)
[?] from Helluva Boss

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