Lyrics: Fumez The Engineer & Akz – Akz x Fumez the Engineer – Plugged In

Akz x Fumez the Engineer - Plugged In Lyrics

 Fumez The Engineer & Akz
Fumez The Engineer & Akz

Akz x Fumez the Engineer – Plugged In Lyrics

By Fumez The Engineer & Akz

Plugged in with Fumez
Part two, free the guys
How is CDot funded and Where do you get your money from? The simple answer
Bine for bine, don’t get slimed out with ya slime, Farm block

You can’t shoot at man and say that you drilled (How?)
You ain’t drilled (How?), he ain’t killed (Baow)
I swear on my life, I’ve been on too many rides
I’m a savage, I keep it sealed (Bap, bap)
Shotty too long, so we chopped it
Now, we got it lookin’ like Groundwork’s Bills
Ask the guys if a few weeks out for that plug, then I didn’t go ’round and I buy it, for real (Bow, bow, bow)
Man are no real life savages, Farm block’s are real life savages (We are)
Think I saw a camera on that glide
So, I’m gonna go bake at my nana’s crib
I don’t let the fans dem get in my head
‘Cause I know what I’m on, I can manage it (Shh)
You don’t know right, gotta get in the car
That can handle the dots and manage it (Baow, baow)
Pissed ‘cah that’s bare man crawlin’ (What the fuck?)
I just touched in the yard, let the killys from six
Got the MAC out, shoutin’, “Brawl him”
Press that, freeze that, bark him
Course I got dings from Barkin’
Geely coupe this speedin’ three guys, Smartwhip (Skrrt)
Two man, they all on clartin’
How the fuck can the other side chartin’? (How?)
‘Cah we don’t rap cap, they do rap cap, “Akz ain’t rid”, that’s a mad cap (What the fuck?)
Foot on the ting and we got down Lampz dirty
Should’ve moved to the right of this ram back (Ha, ha)
I-I-I can be V-Class if it’s with stars in the roof
But, I still tell bossman pop that
5AM in the nizz right now, I’m the last one left
So, I gotta go lock that, ayy (Listen)
Listen to this lifestyle, I-I-I know I got your girl in my DM’s
Didn’t respond, now she pressin’ the likes now (Stressin’)
Told bro on the back to go shoot man
Copped by the ding or we switch them lights out (Baow)
**** thought he was bad, ’til we bucked him at carni
And knocked his lights out (Pussio)
Cullinan cruise with bro on a normal day and I still got my knife out (Cheff it)
The gang just dumped off corn, get rid of the ev’
Then we hit up Nike town (We do)
Not really gassed that these yutes don’t say too much
Shoot you up, make you pipe down (Baow)
Tryna cop me a seven barrel, pippin’
Fill it to the brim and make corn slide out (Grrt)
Don’t wanna see Ramb with his Ramz
‘Cah I bet it’s some dipped, and he might just wil’ out
Bad-bad-bad breed from birth, got kicked outta nursery
Had like a hundred time outs
He-he-he got packed and he got packed (Ha, ha)
You can call it a perfect time out
It’s weird that say “Sun’s out, bine out”
Now they wanna post up, sun’s out, bine out
Copied the gang too much, better mind out
Honda Civic, circle him (‘Round and ’round)
Cuts in the body, head’s all hurtin’
Just gonna make me dig it and huddle
When I see these pricks, I make sure I curtain ’em
Press that timer and feds got me hurdlin’
Back the FM from the back, point blank
What you think? What you reckon?
You think I won’t murder him? (What you think?)
Ayy, they keep gettin’ packed and they movin’ oblivious
Bro got newboss, spawn like Phineas
We glide at nights, spook man, insidious
You just got bun, man needa get rid of this (Stay low)
I can’t trust no idiots (I can’t)
Suttin’ got dropped over them sides
And I’m seein’ snaps, everywhere about billin’ it (Don’t be dumb)

Fumez The Engineer

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