Lyrics: Gracy Hopkins – Apocrypha (Freestyle)

Apocrypha (Freestyle) Lyrics

 Gracy Hopkins
Gracy Hopkins

Apocrypha (Freestyle) Lyrics

By Gracy Hopkins

(Malgré tout ce que vous entendrez dans cette chanson, ça change pas, j’envoie toujours ça de Paris avec amour.. hey)
Look, see them talkin’ shit, avoiding confrontation
So-called homies they be actors on the low;
Know I shouldn’t have this type of conversation
See them hatin’ cause they know I’m on a roll
While they fallin’, I’ll be learnin’ levitation
They be talkin’, I’ll be actin’ like I’m deaf
I don’t even need no fuckin’ ammunition
See them runnin’ to their death all by themselves
There’s the King, and the pawns
Tryna kill cause every dog need a bone
Mama told me, there’s the King, and the pawns
They rather be in bad company than alone

They be talkin’, they be talkin’, I don’t need em, I got your back, you got mine
FreeChillers, IXI, I got your back, you got mine
Real ones, I do see y’all, I got your back, you got mine
We will make it man, it’s all about time

We all play the same game with a different gameplay
Man I’ve been played, by some niggas with a lame range
They ain’t never hurting me so I don’t need no bandage
The youngest but my mind and Mrs. Weaver got the same age
Man, I feel like I left the store too much opened
And I bought too much hope
See in that area, good is not often there
I think I brought too much dope shit
You can only love there’s no option
Get a milllimeter of my minimalistic flow
Then we’ll talk again, suck a nigga dick
Fuckin’ nigga speak with a potty mouth
We caught them friends
Stop being fuckin’ hypocrites
Your rumors can fill a book, and that one a fuckin’ apocrypha
Skinny and high like Wiz Khalifa
I mean I’m flying so high, you see it nigga please
Controversial like a nigga saying fuck the police
I mean I’m flying so high, they get torticollis
One hand they wanna hate, other one they wanna rave
I ain’t surfin’ on their buzzes, I’m just chillin’ on a wave, biatch
I don’t fuck with fake dudes with them fake clues
Like I don’t fuck with fake boobs, or with fake shoes
Between callin’ y’all dirty ass mouthes, mothafuckas or haters, sorry man but I just can’t choose
And that ain’t my type to pay attention to this shit
Now I see your white flags, throwing ashes to this sheet
All your niggas cheap, low-end like Lindsey, oh no
I’m so high, now we all know why they only throwing low blows, Grizz

It’s just a song like that..
I heard some stuff about me..
I came to make it clear..
Phuck them niggas, ye
“So earlier today, I had a conversation with Supawoman and Jae, shout out to them, and…
It helped me realize a lot of stuff, you know. I never cared about what people were thinking about me, and it won’t start today, I’m sorry. So, if you feel aimed in that song, it means I’m talkin’ about you, that’s simple. I got the scissors! Now call me cocky. Hops.”

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