Lyrics: Ham Sandwich (USA) – FEMBOY FIRING SQUAD


Ham Sandwich (USA)
Ham Sandwich (USA)


By Ham Sandwich (USA)

[Intro: Ham Sandwich]
Ay, this for all my submissive and breedable homies (Ahem)

[Verse 1: Felix Argyle (Ham Sandwich)]
Ay, back to zero (Yuh)
Española how I stack dinero (Yuh yuh)
Know this world will kill you if you acting hero (Uh huh)
I been trapping lacking niggas, back to back with niggas, lethal weapons on my hip (Bah, bah, brrah)
Subaru how she back it on my dick (Yessir)
Doot, doot, doot how I pack ’em with the clips (Brrah)
Act a fool, I won’t slap him on the wrist (Nah)
I smack him in the lip (Nah)
I’m legitimately the biggest in the league
Keep my titties below the waist (Yuh, shee)
If I catch a body, won’t be open cased (Damn)
Said he wanted smoke, he can’t hold an eigth (No sir)
Ten toes with my vison on roller skates (Uh huh)
Wrist witch, ice got a polar face (Ice, ice, ice)
Water divinity sent from the holy gates (Damn)
Offing my enemies, sent to the solar plane (Woo, woo) (Yuh, ay)
Hole in one, holding ace
You going no for none
‘Cause you over none (Damn)
Fuck with me you getting overrun (Uh huh)
I won’t hear a murmur, if we talking murder, I’ll up the burner till he overdone (Yuh, brrah)
I could drain all the life out of his body a couple ways (Shee)
It ain’t nothing to say (Damn)
He get fucked in the fade (Woo)
Tuck him away (Yuh)
I ain’t lifting my tail, you can’t fuck with the maid (Look, Ok!)

[Verse 2: Angel Devil (Shwabadi)]
Angel Devil, they don’t know what I am (Yeah)
I don’t fuck with that bitch, I might leave with her man (What?)
If I fuck on a bitch, she ain’t leaving the same (Yeah)
Cause I know that they’re fiending, they’re preeing a saint (Oowah)
They’re all bleeding the same when I wield a life like weapons (Brrr)
Hand to hand, I’m not brandishing a blessing (Brrr)
Suck a sucker’s soul, he spread and fold like bedding (Yuh)
Handy got ’em questioning their preference (Ooh)
I am not a fiend, not a demon (Yeah)
Devil with the queerest appearance, easy defeat (Huh, huh)
You’re hearing the spear tip, feeding the fear, ethereal being (Yeah, Whoo)
Feeling your life fade, now you’re failing to breathe in (Brrah)
Wings unsheathed, I pop up with the flock, and (Yuh)
Tap the Skang, it’s flashing, blocka blocka (Doot doot doot)
Drop the top, convertible the opper (Huh)
Leave him gaping, think he noshed a popper (Bitch)

[Verse 3: Astolfo (Ciyo)]
Head of the army, they all wanna hop on Astolfo the Rider of Black
Came with a gang and they all on my back
Hero of Charlemagne, god of the internet, they simp for me like it’s crack
They wanna kick it like Spartacus
Fall in this hole, now Spartacus missing his sole
I turn his legs to jelly, and he went berserk
He was just playing a role
“She’s” wrong, buddy, I got a dick
Hair long with these devilish hips
Spear long, and my chariot thick
I kiss the sky on this hippogriff
My master lick on my body, she think I’m adorable
All of these modern-day women deplorable
All of my weapons deployable
I get to catching them bodies, it’s highly enjoyable
Say I’m a monster, no I don’t drink Monster baby, I’m just happy to see you
Ride or die, all your soldiers are see-through
Nothing solid, must be crappy to be you
You hit on me, I’mma hit a dimensional shift
Noble Phantasms off of the hip
Global orgasms, flick of my wrist
Come kiss on this holy grail, lil bitch

[Verse 4: Haku (Deadboii Kez)]
Ay, Zabuza Momochi, he use up my body
Slide, kill on Kakashi then fuck on my papi

If I want your daddy, who the fuck’s gon’ stop me?
Ay, kekkei genkai cold as fuck
I know your brodie like me
Slide on that shit like I own it
Big blade he controlling and I’m steady riding
Needle, sticking ’em in, you a demon freezing your friends
Cease and desist, you shatter easy, leave never breathing again
Thousands will surround you, you’ll never see where I’m hid
Believe I’m him, the pretty boy that you made believe was a bitch
And you could never hit me or kill me but I’ve killed friends of yours
So come and settle the score
Or you could get beat again
I leave his body stiff like I’m freezing him
He’s a bloody corpse, I won’t bleed again

[Verse 5: Pitou (Ty Wild)]
Cat’s out the bag, y’all thottie been
All up in my lap, giving head
caught a body quick
All their mans packed up and fled
, dawg, body stiff
Tryna wish him back from the dead
, y’all Pokkle for sure
Spilling when twin sticks poking your dome
I prey on opps, pockets running like Komugi nose
Clowns say a lot of numbers that they don’t even know
It’s like crazy slots when quote unquote toting the pole

Morally morel, smoking your top five
Holes up in the domes of a hivemind, toting a nine, rolling with nine lives
Nine times out of ten taking one is a far shot
Ten toes down for the gang, don’t land on the wrong side
Doctor Blythe, I pull strings and caught bodies
Terpsichora, might flex on y’all shawty
It’s hit or miss, and I missed my hit
One kick from that chopper, bitch, and I’m falling

Falling, I ain’t dead, I just dozed off
Youpi the toolie, red sight at their dome top
Four fifth poof at his neck, let a foe fly
Even in death dead set that I’ll smoke y’all, ay
Lil’ loudmouth, turn their words to a blood curdling murmurs
I’m tailing their trail and I’m certain it’s curtains
This show full of puppets, get turnt to a murder

Been birthed to murk ’em
Catch a glimpse of my energy

Burst the burner, zap ’em quick, I don’t let ’em breathe
If it’s kill or be killed, you ain’t killing, like Killua kin I’m a killer with infamy
Kid thought he killing the kitty, you kidding me?

[Verse 6: James (Yayu)]
Akimbo the kimbers, I doubled the trouble
Or Kimbo the Kid, I might cut up my knuckles
Your best friend stuffed in a duffle, we blasting ’em off, yes!
It’s kevlar up in these tactical false breasts
And the titties gon’ match on the chop, yes!
Cause I ain’t only strapped when I crossdress
Stay tucking a thing, fire sit under my wing like I’m Moltres
Tryna capture a rat, get a mole traced, I pull up on your gang, get ’em all tres
They gon’ think that I’m Brock with the Catering
But I’m not tryna rock with your lady, I’m taking your mans
Top Gun shit, put his face in the sand
Too fast, can’t wait to see him again like
I just be passing ’em by
But one good move put my ass in the sky like
He swallow back, Carnivine like
Want me to tie ’em up after the twilight
Huh, be gay, do crime
Something to live by
Y’all Joltik, bugging and shrimp sized
Don’t want shit if he not on the big side
No, you ain’t see me under the disguise
On the real you ain’t fucking with this side
Mob tie shit, and we doing it big time
I ain’t just a grunt, better think twice, bitch!

[Interlude: StargirlKyu]
Ham Sandwich, because either way you flip it, the bread comes first (First, first, first, first)

[Verse 7: Nagisa (Connor Quest!)]
Did class, never passed on writtens, took tests and the hard knocks with it
Trained in a vest, but the aims on my chest cause you can’t hit targets if your heart’s not in it
I’m feeling that pressure like alarm clock fitted with a car bomb ticking
I’m disarming and can’t stop twitching, and my palms gon’ fidget, and my pulse might be in high digits
Cause I’m tryna get in bars with a false ID and expired tickets, I’m a liar in it
Security, check my maturity, entry denied, but I don’t do a guard dog’s bidding
Slide in the back, fit getting guys sprung, got a rich man’s son buying yards and Guinness
Too far gone off the dark, rum spirits, full combo hitting on the dance floor, kissing, I’m winning
One prick want us kicked, I just jar them snitches
Scared boy run, buck, buck, I can carve one chicken
Beast when the sun dips, Farquad’s Missis
I can turn a fun trip to a Tarkov visit
Smoke you fucks
Spark and bill it
Fold you up
Still pass my civics
Smoke you fucks
Spark and bill it
Fold you up
Still pa-

[Verse 8: Chihiro (Breeton Boi)]
Uh, ay
I been on that ultimate level so ain’t nobody outclass me (How true)
Got haters triggered because they’ve never been happy (Yah)
Could cause any havoc I wanted, I promise

I’ll show ’em that I been the man even if my voice ain’t raspy (Woo)
The whole gang ansty, surrounded by killers (Yuh)
They finna leave a body red, no MJ ‘Thriller’ (Nah)
I gotta play my cards right, and I’m not gon’ falter
If I do, I wouldn’t tell you, cause that’s Mondo spoilers (Woo)
This is my choice, and just because I’m an effeminate boy
That doesn’t mean I ain’t a threat to avoid (Bow)
It bring me masses of joy
To ruin any scheme you plan to employ
My alter ego really set to destroy (Brra, bah bah, bow)
They finna question my ability, I lead ’em to the A.I
The answer, truth bullet blast ’em (Yuh)
Ain’t no debate, I be combating
Against any blackened
Who try to escape by killing classmates (Yuh)
So tell headmaster, “It’s time to say goodbye!” (Bye bye)

[Verse 9: Felix Argyle (Ham Sandwich)]
This ain’t no alter ego A.I. but I’m back again (Yuh)
Niggas wasn’t tapping in the first time (Yuh)
They been on the first line (Yuh)
That’s back to the origin, floor again (Uh huh)
Said he got game, he couldn’t court a courtesan (Damn)
Said he can ball, don’t even know the court he in (Damn)
Give me his two cents, put the forty in (Damn)
.40 between his eyes, split him 20/20, perfect vision (Bah, bah)
Just to show my words are worth a listen (Brrrah)
Surely different, current mission
Curse tradition, crush the fiction
Crusch conflicted, once was gifted
Up the friction, what position
What conviction, pot to piss in
Nigga, I was the pick of the litter
But I wasn’t fortunate
Tryna sub me I send my subordinates (Yuh)
My money storage, his money in shortages (Cash)
So, in short, we surely disproportionate (Yessir)
Shorty sneaky link, she slide the coordinates (Yuh)
Stroke the ivory pipe like an organist (Yessir)
Soaring through sections, something like a tourist is (Ay)
And you niggas is moving like tortoises (Woo, woo)
Cat out the bag, bet I look like a bad bitch (Yessir)
While you niggas is hopelessly average (Damn)
Basic as shit so I guess I’m an acid (Uh huh)
Fuck with gang, you get left in the past tense (Yuh)

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