Lyrics: KaySmilez – BEAMLIGHT




By KaySmilez

[Intro: Louie $ativa]
And we on right now
I think we on right now bro

[Verse 1: Louie $ativa]
It’s that singing nigga, they pissing their pants
Yeah come to my section, yeah yeah you got them plans yeah
If I’m going at war my nigga, I got my mans yeah yeah
Life gave me lemons nigga, yeah I threw ’em back yeah yeah
Okay first off we was on a mission from the jump yeah
Had to get it anyway, anyhow real niggas know wassup yeah
And if I’m in your city all the bad bitches know Louie in the cut yeah
We know we had to run it up yeah
We know we had to double up yeah
Lеt them breathe Louiе, I just want the paper
Let them breathe Louie, give two fucks about a hater
Yeah recording right now while I’m doing a quiz
Them niggas is wack they be calling it quits for real

As’vele syeke
As’vele syeke my dawg ‘coz ng’yabona ayikho lento

[Verse 2: Kay Smilez]

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