Lyrics: Lil HardSock – Fortnite Rule 34

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Fortnite Rule 34
Fortnite Rule 34

Fortnite Rule 34 Lyrics

By Lil HardSock

Call me ReqzernHN cuase i love Fortnite Rule 34
Fucking a whore
She be snore-ing
While i watch fortnite rule 34

I keep wasting my time on pornhub
Busting nuts on kids
Im not a pedo
I watch too much rule 34
Im in jail
I have alot of drip

[Verse 2]
Fucking fortnite hoes
They keep sucking my toes
Everything i do is hot
Youre fortnite hoe a thot
Thats what i thought
Remember im not a pedo
Only at the homies
Im a perv for fortnite hoes
One dos three bitches
Four five sex with your mom
Call me tom cuase im not a cat
I hit a furry with a bat
Your bitch flat as the earth
When i twerk, i do it in morse code
Your mom thick as fuck
Your sister flat her photos photoshop
Im Lil Darkie cause i Run
I be fucking on your bro
I know u crying
Cause u can’t touch his dick like i can

[Verse 3]
A hoe a hoe a hoe
Im eating beans like im british
I fuck a fish
Fuck zoophiles
I got piles of fortnite rule 34 on my floor
Fuck your time
I ain’t got no time
I only rhyme
I do alot of crime
I pirate porn movies
Admit it we have all once looked at gay porn video-o-o-o-os
(once? looked? i do the gay porn, i dont watch it once i do it all the time)
(cause i love gay porn)

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