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Luvwillow - Everskies
Luvwillow Everskies

Everskies Lyrics

I’m on everskies
Pretty girl with blue eyes
Cop my fit straight from the mall
I don’t care I’ll buy it all
I’m famous like celebrities
Overdose need therapy
I’m so hot and you’re so not
Spend my money till I rotI’m so perfect
Pretty face and tiny waist
Do you wanna get a taste
Surgery chop off my face
I know you’re in love
Glamour and addiction
I’ll be your ignition
I’m worshipped like religion

Everyone here is lame
Loving drama gives me fame
I’m feeling like the prettiest
Why are you so serious
Drugs got me delirious
Laughing off the silliness
My haters are hideous
My actions are oblivious to me

In my coffin
Spendin’ money often
Bad withdrawal I’m coughing
Babe I feel so rotten
Wanna die like so bad
My car is going too fast
Like Jeffrey Star imma crash
I’ll treat this day just like my last

I’m gonna hang myself, you wanna fuck me for my wealth
BB Simon belt, Louis V, Prada, Chanel
We can hit the mall
We can buy it all
Shop until we fall
Shop until we fall
I’m getting paid bitch, I’m on your playlist
Yeah I’m pretty, but I’m so fucking faceless
I’m gonna stack my money up until it all fuckin falls
She’s a little playboy bunny and it all fuckin shows
You can see me at shows
Poppin’ tabs and smokin’ dro
Cocaine put it in my nose
With a skinny little hoe

Spend it all until I rot
I’m so rich I can’t be bought
Runny nose it’s full of snot
I’m the best and I’m so hot
Make a wish and hope it comes true
You’re so poor I own you

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