Lyrics: Migos & Rich the Kid – Official Tissue

Official Tissue Lyrics

Migos & Rich the Kid
Migos & Rich the Kid

Official Tissue Lyrics

By Migos & Rich the Kid

Ayy, let me hear that ho, Jeff
DJ Durel

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid]
Official tissue (What?)
I fuck that bitch, I can never miss her (Woo)
I’m ballin’, young nigga just like a Clipper (Woo)
Your bitch in the game, let her blow the whistle (Bitch)
The gang got choppas all in the sprinter (Bow)
I bought me the Rolls, it’s not a rental (Rich)
I gave her a bag, the bitch a winner (Bag)
She want a steak and a chicken dinner (What?)
You got it, then show the cash (Racks)
The money come fast just like the dash
So I gotta blow the bag (What?)
Know that she bad, she let me smash
She on me like shoulder pads (She let me smash)
Playing with the check, young nigga, I’ma blow the racks (Racks)
Spent a whole hundred, nigga, I’ma go make that

[Verse 2: Quavo & Rich The Kid & Takeoff]
Fifty-fity (Rich), goin’ in fifty-fifty (Woo)
I cut him too deep, he get to stitching (cut)
They gonna switch, a new color Bentley (Hey)
Circle the frames, John Lennon (Woo)
“How much he paid?“ Mind your business (Cash)
Free all my dawgs, they got sentenced (Sentence)
If they don’t, we gon’ shoot the lieutenant (Bow)
My family proud, no penny (Proud)
I’m rockin’ the crowd like Lenny (Crowd)
I am a dawg, it’s in me (Hrr)
My dog collar got VV’s (VV’s)
Touchdown, we fuck up the city (Fuck it up)
Not sorry for niggas, no pity (Nah)
Sell a brick with the gang, order up singles and throw ’em on titties (Takeoff)

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Official tissue, cup triple
Tryna get a twenty up out of that nickel (Twenty)
Chrome Heart denim, she want the purple pickle and a mink for the winner (She want it)
I drive the Rolls, we on the run from twelve, not a walk with [?] (Twelve)
Baguette, the Patek is cold, you touch on my wrist then you might just shiver (Ice)
Terrio, killin’ ’em (Killin’ them)
Your bank account minimum, pitiful (Pitiful)
Patek condition is critical (Critical)
Migo Gang, we goin’ digital (Go!)
Turned on my TV (Why?)
My momma just said that she see me (Momma)
Picante, it’s Eliantte
He gon’ need glasses, jewelry be 3D (Look at the ice)
‘Cause if you ain’t gang, [?] whenever you see me (CVL)
And when it’s smoke, you notice that we the ones callin’ while they be just tweeting (Shh)
Marvin the Martian, look at them niggas, they starving ’cause they not eating (Starve)
I put my wrist in the pot, that’s a wrestling match, then I get to beating

[Verse 4: Offset]


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