Lyrics: ​ppcocaine – Untitled (PnB Rock Collab)*

Untitled (PnB Rock Collab)* Lyrics


Untitled (PnB Rock Collab)* Lyrics

By ​ppcocaine

[Lyrics from snippet]

[Verse: ppcocaine]
Lookin’ like a snack while I count the bands
We all up in our bag, now we cashin’ out the bands
Got a Birkin bag, so my wrist don’t tangle
I, I, I
She wanna get high (High)
She liking how I ride (Liking how I ride)
She crashin’ the sex vibe (Crashin’ the sex vibe)

[Chorus: ppcocaine]
So, like on my thighs, money in my eyes
Baby, you ain’t gotta lie, I can tell by your reply (Yeah)
Got me feelin’ the vibe, wanna fuck all night?
Yeah, the sex so hype, yeah, you’re a freaky bitch type (Yeah)

[Verse: PnB Rock]
I don’t want a camera
Tryna see you naked, without your pants up
…put your hands up
Trappin’ to the door, I throw thеm bands up
Can you throw that back? This our only chance

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