Lyrics: Riley Reid – 8 Ball Shawty

8 Ball Shawty Lyrics

Riley Reid
Riley Reid

8 Ball Shawty Lyrics

By Riley Reid

Ride face, put that water on your moustache
Porno swag, 100 Gs, Louis Duffel bag
Pink pussy make that dick have a heart attack
Who that is? Riley Reid with my booty fat
Lezzy lez swag, porno cam damn
Pimp that bitch, women and the men
Got the money out the flick, headed to the trap
Pussy getting so wet from the money stack
Triple stacks bitch, think we got a 100 pack
You ain’t heard what I said, nigga run it back
Mack a ho, mack a nigga, whip a trick
Hit a lick wanna pussy-ass cornbread fuck niggas

305 Dade countyyeah we known for getting rowdy
Spit stringing from my mouth, let you fuck my face
Good nutritious nut, on deck nigga
Eat me out nigga, eat me out nigga (Oh)
Beat it out, beat it out, beat it out nigga (Oh)
Jerk it out (Oh)
Jerk it out (Oh)
Beat it out, beat it out, beat it out nigga
Jerk it out (Oh, oh, uh, oh)
Beat it out (Oh, oh)
Uh, uh, uh, uh

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