Lyrics: Spite – Dedication to Flesh

Dedication to Flesh Lyrics


Dedication to Flesh Lyrics

By Spite

Word to the “famous”

Wanna know how the journey makes a madman?
More time for your ignorance
Burdened by the unrelenting will to push through the bullshit
Scum sticks, so I have to scrape
A fucking sign on my head that says “Pain is a place on Earth”
Happy to be the one that owns it

More time for your ignorance
Giving a name to punishment

The running chaos on my mind
All I can do is stand up and force a smile
Bounce the weight off my brain
Purge the last of dignity, embrace
Then sink

Gathered here to bring faith in numbers
A nеw wind to make you remembеr
Drew blood and hid the body together

Bury it
The ache

I am drained
Fucking wasted
I am taunted, provoked
Unafraid and unashamed of this hate I hold close
Scream it
I’m dedicated to the fucking flesh

(I’m dedicated to the fucking flesh)

Ate the remains of hate to escape from this prison
Sunken, carried by a new wind to make you remember

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