Lyrics: Spite – Hangman

Hangman Lyrics



Hangman Lyrics

By Spite

Learning to walk
Held up by stilts
A taste of the pavement might be the answer
To kill my last thought
Anything to not be here

Like it makes a difference

How many nails to hold my head still?
One more “day in the life” and I will fucking end it

They can’t hear you
Screaming out of desperation

This one’s full of lead
Contemplating my existence after everything you’ve said
Another night to ponder it

A creature takеs its form on the way down
It has no name, it residеs in hell

I won’t fake it any longer

Breathe in through the mask
And realize that by accepting imminent death
We can begin to tolerate the surrounding air shared by everyone
When all that’s left is descent
We are finally free
There is no more hate held between, because we understand
That the feeling is the same when our hearts stops

A creature takes its form on the way down
It has no name, it resides in hell

Taped to the back of my fucking lids
Come take a look through the lens in my head

Pain lasts below the soil, just know
This life was set to fail
I won’t be forced to live it

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