Lyrics: SVNGALI – ATLAScried

ATLAScried Lyrics


ATLAScried Lyrics


Hey bitch
Want a real man to put your dyed hair in a ditch?
Momma taught me not to beat a hoe
But since you fuckboy-you should know
I’ll fuck you up like blow did to Momo
You a fuckin-pedo
Grooming girls, I’ma fuck you bro-no homo
Blood on my Kimono when I’m Han Solo
Get poked-bro
Ay Yo
I got some real poetry you should fuckin’ hear from me
It starts offs with me
Decking your face
In broad day-to bleed your fuckery
Krimson Graey got your eyes maced
Got you poisoned with the Mercury
Making lies about you victimized
Think I’ma let it slide
Homicide your whole life
Cause what you did was suicide
Try to terrorize
I’ll cut you up with a fucking knife
Pussy boy your tears lube my sex toy
I’m jerking off when a pedo cries
Climax when they die
Krimson Graey off the mic

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