Lyrics: Void – EDP445 Disstrack

EDP445 Disstrack Mp3

Void - EDP445 Disstrack
Void – EDP445 Disstrack

EDP445 Disstrack Lyrics

He’s been searching
EDP he’s never learning

Got my fucking stomach turning
Leave this Hungry Hippo burning
He’s been looking
Girls acting hesitant but he’s still pushing
Actions as inevitable as this cooking
Yeah he took the bait and it left him hooking
In the town jail man better soon be booking
Shit I don’t understand it though
So many creeps up on this platform, where’s the antidote?
Yeah I scanned the texts while I was taking notes
Which creator going be next man I don’t want to know
This shit despicable
I don’t really care if you too lonely or too miserable
There is no excuse for this shit it is non dismissible
Welcome to my class sit down I’m the principle
Here to teach a bunch of fucking pedos proper principles
You is diabolical
On to the sixth girl so now the changes look improbable
Cannot get a women so the children looking optimal
Got away with it once but now this time it’s impossible
It is now impossible this boy he’s on a mission
He got no remorse for all them guilty known admissions
Hey EDP buddy, you need to listen
You get no counseling you gonna get prison
That’s just what be happening when you fucking with children
That what just be happening when you meet and try to kiss em

Thirteen year old girls and you say you wanna lick em?
You can’t handle all this heat well you ain’t getting out of this kitchen
EDP buddy you is done for
Body built like a planet you gonna feel my sun scorch
Yah I give a diss track but you deserve much worse
You pulled up to her house but she wasn’t on the front porch
First it was Sofie, then it was Suzie, then it was Jamie, then it was Lucie
You know they ya fans but still asking for bobbies
You know they lil girls but still call them lil beauties
First it was Tony, and then it was Shane, then it was Mini, and then it was James
Now it’s this fucker I can’t get a break
YouTubers acting nice til you see that they fake
And you said it was all cause you wanted a cupcake?
What? Liar! Bow down to my motherfucking feet and feel this fire
Dissing pedos man I really think it’s got me tired
Now when I be writing all these tracks, I’m angry, not inspired
You a fucking snake but in the field you feel my viper
Big body bitch boy you need a fucking diaper
You confessed to everything and they didn’t need a wire
Someone call Chris Hansen cause we need that man rehired
You got all the guns but I got the gunfire
Bitch you know that I’ve been dissing shit
You sexting minors boy you need to quit that shit
Tryna see boobs but you know you got bigger tits
You beat your dick while you take all their innocence man you a sickly prick
That’s your career well guess what I just finished it
When you in court case, guess what you ain’t winning it
EDP this is your grave now I’m digging it
4-4-5 stuck in your name cause you into it
First verse over second verse it’s time to get back
This shit’s not a theory we no longing needing MatPat
It was speculation but now we got all the real facts
Yo channel grew quick but now that shit is dying real fast
You ain’t looking healthy buddy you could use a long fast
When you see a little girl, you think that’s a good snack
But you probably shouldn’t eat it cause you looking real fat

Call me Fuhrer Bradley bitch you bout to feel my real wrath
Woah woah woah yeah you like the Eagles but you act so low
You said baby girl I’m tryna see them toes
How you think they parents feel man you out of control
Fucking degenerate stop crying cause lil bitch you ain’t selling it
You live like shit and now everyone smelling it
A big fucking pedo is all that we’ll ever see
Started as a meme and now that’s all you will ever be
Caught in 4K Ultra HD Dolby Digital
YouTubers preying on fans it’s just typical
Copy R. Kelly bitch please be original
A man of the church but you acting real cynical
This is yo bottom far fall from your pinnacle
Yo ass got baited by a girl that’s fictional
Go rot in prison this shit’s ain’t forgivable
Just cause you famous don’t mean you invincible

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