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Marlon Williams
Marlon Williams

Thinking Of Nina Lyrics

By Marlon Williams

[Verse 1]
Does she love me?
Real trust is thin on the ground
Would she tell me?
Or would that be breaking promises to somebody else?

Please, don’t mistake my intentions
I believe in love under certain conditions

But tonight I’m thinking of Nina

[Verse 2]
Said she’d meet me
Down at the station at a quarter to ten
Missed connection
Now I don’t think I’ll ever see her again

Don’t take offence at the notion
I believe in lovе, I just have my suspicions
Oh, no

[Instrumental Break]

But tonight I’m thinking of Nina

[Verse 3]
Must be scary
Just making out like you got skin in thе game
Trouble, trouble
When you playin’ with hearts then you playin’ with shame

Ooh-ooh, wish she could give me a reason
But more than that I believe in love
I believe in love, wish I could give her her freedom

Ooh, but I believe in love
But I believe in love
And it’s not my place, not my place to say
Ooh, but you’re in trouble now
T-t-t-t-trouble now

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