Pi’erre Bourne – Moving Too Fast

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Pi’erre Bourne
Pi’erre Bourne

Moving Too Fast Lyrics

By Pi’erre Bourne

[Lyrics from snippet]

I hop in the booth with my gym shoes
I’m ballin, I run me a lap
She let a nigga play peek-a-boo
You didn’t see none of that
All of money just colorful
I thought we doin’ some math
You wanna fuck in my bedroom
Baby you moving too fast
Took her to another hotel room
She started throwing it back
Fucking with bitches like “Follow me back,”
That’s worser than calling me back
All of money gets so long, it stacks
I run it up, yeah

Every time I pull up on you
Like you say “Pi’erre,”
Walk in like the fantasy league
[?] with us
I need like, two, three freaks
That play ’round with cuffs
Fill her up like Thanksgiving
Like she ate too much
She want Chanel stuff (Ayy)
I can grant you your desires if you suck me up
My bitch bad, that’s my boo

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