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Tom Chaplin
Tom Chaplin

It’s Over Lyrics

By Tom Chaplin

‘It’s Over’ Tom Chaplin (Demo)

Our love began in a winter
Created a springtime
A glorious summer too

And how I remember the feeling
You were a young thing
Oh how I had longed for you

Love without question
A home for my heart
And someone to stop me
From falling apart

And every time I saw your smile
I thought my heart would jump a mile
And I knew that all the hurt
It was o…..ver

But the time flies and changes the season
It offers no reason
It suffers no saving grace
I hope that the impossible feeling
Could weather a lifetime
And I die in your warm embrace

We never questioned the road stretching on
Then one day we woke up and somehow it was gone

Oh how this life can drift on by
I watched the love between us die
And I knew that in my heart
It was o….ver


Now every time I see your face
My heart breaks in a different place
And I know down in the dark
That it’s o….ver

It’s o….ver

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